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Bound By Hounds: Spring 2024 Edition

A roundup of the most recent publications authored and edited by Loyola graduates and faculty

Loyola magazine scanned the shelves for works published recently by Loyola faculty and alumni.

No Lasting City: Essays on Theology, Politics, and Culture

Book cover of 'No Lasting City'

Author: Frederick Bauerschmidt, Ph.D., professor of theology

It Sounded Better in My Head

Book cover of 'It Sounded Better in My Head'

Author: Mike Bernard, parent ’16

American in Moscow: Final Thoughts on Life, Love and Liberty

Book cover of 'American in Moscow'

Author: Andrew Ciofalo, professor emeritus of communication

Love in the Archives: A Patchwork of True Stories about Suicide Loss

Book cover of 'Love in the Archives'

Author: Eileen (Shryock) Vorbach Collins, M.A. ’05

Rebuilt Faith: A Handbook for Skeptical Catholics,

Book cover of 'Rebuilt Faith'

Co-Authors: Tom Corcoran, ’96, and Fr. Michael White, ’81

The Science of Romantic Relationships

Book cover of 'The Science of Romantic Relationships'

Author: Theresa DiDonato, Ph.D., professor of psychology

Eric Voegelin's Late Meditations and Essays: Critical Commentary Companions

Eric Voegelin's Late Meditations and Essays'

Author: Michael Franz, Ph.D., professor of political science

The Implications of Evolution for Metaphysics: Theism, Idealism, and Naturalism

Book cover of 'The Implications of Evolution for Metaphysics'

Author: David Gordon, Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy

The Weavers of Trautenau: Jewish Female Forced Labor in the Holocaust

Book cover of 'The Weavers of Trautenau'

Author: Janine Holc, Ph.D., professor of political science

The Healing Body: Creative Responses to Illness, Aging, and Affliction

Book cover of 'The Healing Body: Creative Responses to Illness, Aging, and Affliction'

Author: Drew Leder, Ph.D., professor of philosophy

Déjà View: A Kid Nightmare

Deja View: A Kid Nightmare'

Author: Michael Thomas Perone, ’99
Winner of the Firebird Book Award, First Place Winner of the Spring 2024 BookFest Awards

The Badass Brontës

Book cover of '>The Badass Brontës'

Author: Jane Satterfield, MFA, professor of writing

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