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Graduate Programs in Theological Studies

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Graduate Theology Programs

Loyola University Maryland’s department of theology offers two graduate programs, the Master of Theological Studies and the Certificate in Theology and Ministry. The Master of Theological Studies is a rigorous and rewarding 48-credit program that may be used as preparation for a doctoral program or to pursue such fields as library science, social work, law, or publishing. The 25-credit Certificate in Theology and Ministry may be pursued by those seeking ministerial vocations such as ordained ministry or chaplaincy.

Master of Theological Studies   Certificate in Theology and Ministry

About Graduate Theology at Loyola

Located in Loyola’s theology department, both programs offer a collegial, ecumenical environment to study with world-class faculty. Rather than treating the various sub-fields of theological studies as discrete areas of technical expertise, our department integrates courses into a single vision that includes the Old and New Testaments and the history of patristic, medieval, and modern theology. We give students the opportunity not only to become familiar with the great Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant theologians, but also—with specialists in Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism—the opportunity to study the historic dialogue between Christianity and other religious traditions. Both programs give attention to the study of ethics so that students may reflect on the practical implications of their studies, and the Master of Theological Studies places an additional emphasis on the acquisition of ancient languages necessary to do advanced academic work in theology, history, or religious studies. Whether our students work in the academy, in parishes, or in other areas of need, they will be well equipped to think theologically with depth, precision, and charity.

We hope that you will explore our program. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a campus visit, please do not hesitate to contact our admissions staff at

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