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Ignatian Pedagogy

Loyola has a strong tradition of Jesuit pedagogy, which forms students to be leaders who are for and with others. The Jesuit approach encourages teachers to walk alongside students in the learning process, taking into account the student’s whole self – mind, body, and spirit. As Jesuit educators, Loyola faculty encourage students to reflect on their learning, consider the contexts that make their learning meaningful, and put their learning into just and compassionate action.

For Students and Parents

Ignatian pedagogy is based on Jesuit founder St. Ignatius’s famous method of helping retreatants become closer to Jesus through imaginative prayer, reflection, and discernment—a critical, internal consideration of a situation or question and how it relates to one’s personal or professional vocation. It’s a philosophy that has distinguished the Jesuit education for nearly 500 years—and has made their order’s educational institutions some of the most admired in the world.

You can find more details on the Ignatian pedagogical framework at the Students & Parents page.

For Loyola Faculty

There are various resources to help you explore and apply Ignatian pedagogy in your respective disciplines.

You can find more details on these resources, including a link to Loyola’s Ignatian Pedagogy Workshop, at the Faculty page.


An Introduction

Watch Fr. Savard give a brief overview of Ignatian Pedagogy.