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Faculty & Staff

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Frederick C. Bauerschmidt Professor

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Ph.D., Duke University, 1996

Research interests: Medieval and Contemporary Theology; Thomas Aquinas

Jim Buckley
James J. Buckley Professor Emeritus

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Ph.D., Yale University, 1977

Research interests: Dogmatic Theology (Catholic and Evangelical); Philosophical Theology (religious and religionless)

Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo Associate Professor

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Ph.D., University of Notre Dame 2014

Research interests: Liberation Theology; Ecotheology/Environmental Ethics; World Christianity; Theology and Science

Cochran Headshot
Pamela Cochran Affiliate Faculty
Rev. John J. Conley Professor

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Ph.D., Université Catholique de Louvain, 1988

Research interests: Moral Theology; Philosophy and Theology; French Philosophy

Rebekah Eklund Professor

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Th.D., Duke University, 2012

Research interests: New Testament (Gospels); Ethics; racial justice; feminist/womanist and theological readings of Scripture

John Kiess Associate Professor

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Ph.D., Duke University, 2011

Research interests: Moral Theology; Political Theology; Ethics of Armed Conflict and Peacebuilding

Maiju Lehmijoki Wetzel

Ph.D., University of Turku, 1999

Research interests: Health and religious traditions; religious dietary ethics; urban health issues; Christian mysticism and contemplative traditions

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Stephen J. Lloyd Assistant Teaching Professor

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Ph.D., Boston University, 2019

Research interests: History of Christianity; World Christianity; Theology, Ethnicity, and Race in South Africa

Claire Mathews
Claire R. Mathews McGinnis Professor

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Ph.D., Yale University, 1994

Research interests: Prophets (esp. Isaiah); Exodus; Biblical Narrative; Theological Interpretation

A photograph of Matt Moser.
Matthew Moser Assistant Teaching Professor
Nguyen Headshot
Rev. Bao Nguyen
Headshot of Nicole Reibe
Nicole Reibe Assistant Teaching Faculty, Director of Program Operations of the Masters of Theological Studies
Ph.D., Boston College, 2015
Rev. Joseph S. Rossi Professor

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Ph.D., Catholic University of America, 1989

Research interests: American Catholic Life and Thought; Catholic NGOs at the United Nations; Theology and Cinema (American and International)

Jill Snodgrass
Jill Snodgrass Department Chair, Professor

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Ph.D., Claremont School of Theology, 2011

Research interests: Practical/pastoral theology; Spiritual care and counseling with traditionally marginalized populations; Intercultural care and counseling

Spahn Headshot
Rev. Steven Spahn
Arthur M. Sutherland Associate Professor

Recent Publications

Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2000

Research interests: Systematic Theology; History of Doctrine; Theologies of Hospitality, Patience, and Generosity; African American Religious Thought; Christianity and its Critics; Theology and Autobiography

Wagner Headshot
Richard Wagner
A picture of Becky Walker.
Becky Walker Assistant Teaching Professor
Byron Wratee Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow

Ph.D., Boston College, 2024

Research Interests: Systematic Theology; Christian Mysticism; Black Church Studies; Comparative Theology (African Traditional Religions); Ecotheology and Environmental Justice; and Law and Religion.

John Zaleski Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Harvard University, 2019

Research interests: Asceticism; Sufism; Syriac Christianity; Monasticism; Muslim-Christian Interaction; Scriptural Exegesis

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Lisa M. Flaherty Program Assistant
M.S., Loyola University Maryland, 1992

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