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Certificate Degree Requirements

A stone slab with various languages etched into it

The Certificate in Theology and Ministry is comprised of three sections:

Required Courses (5 Courses)

All students will take:

  • OT Survey (TH 600)
  • NT Survey (TH 601)
  • Historical Theology I (Patristic-Medieval) (TH 621)
  • Historical Theology II (Early Modern-Modern) (TH 622)
  • Survey of Systematic Theology (TH 640)

Distribution Requirements (3 courses)

  • One course in Comparative Theology (TH 660-669)
  • One course in Ethics & Culture (TH 670-690)
  • One course in Pastoral Theology (PC 600 or 700 level) selected in consultation with the Graduate Program Director or Director of Program Operations and approved by the Director of the MA program in Pastoral Counseling that compliments the student’s ministry goals.

Capstone Project (TH 699)

Prior to completion, students will register for a private study course in which they will write and complete a capstone integrative paper or project that employs their theological resources and skills in analyzing a particular area of ministry. Students will write in consultation with a faculty member. Students will submit this paper to the Academic Director of the program in order to meet completion requirements.