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Certificate in Theology and Ministry Program

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Two of the characteristic marks of the Society of Jesus are intellectual rigor and care of the whole person (cura personalis). There are very few, if any, areas of human understanding and care where Jesuits have not been significant contributors. This, of course, is most true when it comes to the study of theology and ministry. The rigorous and pastoral use of reason in the light of faith with the aim of serving God and others marks all of the best and most enduring work in caring for people. The Society of Jesus has fostered this approach to theology and ministry in its institutions of higher learning for over 400 years. The Department of Theology at Loyola University Maryland carries on that tradition, through its devotion to the craft of teaching and its commitment to theology as a practice that ministers to the whole person. The most recent articulation of that craft and commitment can be seen in the Certificate in Theology and Ministry. This certificate harnesses the resources in the Department of Theology to support people who wish to further their theological education for the sake of ministering to others.

Description of Certificate

The post-baccalaureate Certificate in Theology and Ministry is designed for people who wish to further their academic theological education for the sake of a ministerial vocation, such as ordained ministry or chaplaincy. The certificate is comprised of 25 credits of theological and pastoral studies, located in the Department of Theology on the Evergreen Campus of Loyola University Maryland, located just north of downtown Baltimore. Certificate courses include: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology, Comparative Theology, Historical Theology, courses in Ethics and Culture, and courses in Pastoral Ministry. At the end of the course sequence, certificate students write a capstone paper in conversation with a faculty advisor, synthesizing their theological studies with this vision for ministry.

Program Outcomes

This program is designed to be completed in 2 years.

This program will cost $22,250 if completed within normal time. There may be additional costs for living expenses. *Note: Costs for the program are estimated based on academic year 2019-20 rates. Rates are subject to change.

There are no states that require licensure for this profession.

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