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Typical Certificate Course Sequence

A stone slab with various languages etched into it

This twenty-five credit post-baccalaureate certificate is intended for people who wish to further their academic theological education but who are not interested in pursuing an academic career. The Loyola Certificate in Theology and Ministry offers a variety of personal and professional benefits. Some may wish to continue to the Loyola Master of Theological Studies (MTS). Some may pursue the certificate for personal enrichment. Others may pursue the certificate to increase their theological knowledge to support ministerial endeavors, like chaplaincy, ordained ministry, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction. 

For these reasons, the certificate program is structured for students to progress through the coursework on a part-time basis that in a manner that fits their learning aims. Please refer to the degree requirements page for a listing of certificate courses. Your advisor will work closely with you to develop a program in the light of your needs.