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Core Requirement

A stone slab with various languages etched into it

As part of Loyola's core curriculum, all students must take two theology courses, beginning with an introduction to theology course aimed at learning how to interpret the Bible, understanding the history of Christianity, and becoming people who can respond intelligently, in thought and in life, to the way these texts and traditions challenge (and are challenged by) our contemporary cultures.

The second theology course focuses these aims on one of four general areas: Jewish and Christian scriptures, the history of Christianity, Christian theology, and theology and culture—including world religions. Core ethics courses are either case-oriented or theme-oriented explorations of theological ethics.

Our electives aim to introduce students—including majors and minors, to the way scholarly research is conducted in the various divisions of theology. These diverse aims are ultimately in the service of reading about, writing about, thinking about, and otherwise engaging God. Our theology courses are addressed to all Loyola students—Catholic and Christian, Jewish or members of other religions, doubters and nonbelievers.