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Daniel Castillo

Associate Professor
Daniel Castillo


  • An Ecological Theology of Liberation: Salvation and Political Ecology (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2019), (N.B. awarded College Theology Society’s 2020 “Best Book Award”; trans. into Korean 2021)
  • “The Age of Cain: The ‘Anthropocene,’ Western Extractive Colonialism, and the Christian Imagination” (accepted, JSCE)
  • “Reconfiguring Ignacio Ellacuría’s symbol of ‘the Crucified People’: Jesus, the Suffering Servant, and Abel,” Theological Studies 84.1 (2023): 8–29.
  • “Sobre la Escritura, el método y el discipulado perspectivas del trabajo de Gustavo Gutiérrez,” trans. Carmen Lora de Gautier in Memoria, presencia, future: A los 50 años de Teologia de la liberación, eds. Andrés Gallego, et al (Lima: CEP,2021)
  • “On Grieving for the Garden of the World: Catholic Education and the Cultivation of an Ecologically Sensitive Conscience” in Conscience and Catholic Education: Theology, Administration, and Teaching, eds. David DeCosse and Kevin Baxter (Maryknoll: Orbis, 2022), 183–197.
  • “Sobre ‘Superar Las Actitudes y Los Estilos De Vida Egoístas’: Las Reflexiones y Limitaciones Abientales de Ecclesia in America,” trans. in Ecclesia in América: Un Diálogo Teológico e Intercultural, eds. María Clara Bingemer and Peter Casarella (Buenos Aires: Agape Libros, 2021), 245–268.
  • “On the Challenge of Singing a New Church and a New World into Being: Liturgical Space and Prayer Amidst the Planetary Emergency” Yale ISM Review 6.1 (2021):