Loyola Magazine

The “write” decor

Loyola's Writing Center attracts students who come for the cozy, sunlit space as well as the writing support

When the Writing Center learned it would be moving to a new location on campus, Lisa Zimmerelli decided to make the most of the change.

The director of the Writing Center invited the writing faculty and the Writing Center tutors to share ideas on how to design the space to make it attractive and inviting.

They chose colors and fabrics and furniture, a St. Ignatius Loyola quote to put on a hallway wall, plenty of plants to adorn the bright windowsills, and bookshelves to stock with writing resources and reference guides. A fish tank with a Beta fish, home to Beta Max, sits in the center of the space.

Their efforts paid off. Visitors are greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread, made daily by the staff via a bread maker, and invited to grab a mug and help themselves to coffee and tea from the coffee bar while they work.

Even in its slightly out-of-the-way location, the Writing Center, which is staffed by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students, is attracting students who come for the homey, sunlit space as well as the writing support.

Photos by Malia Leary and Brigid Hamilton.