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Providing opportunities

As their second child graduates from Loyola, the Ingersoll family establishes a scholarship fund

From the time their daughter, Riley, started kindergarten, Deb and Brent Ingersoll took an active role in their children’s schools. So when Riley came to Loyola University Maryland as a first-year student in 2011, the Mendham, N.J., couple started looking for ways to get involved.

They found their way to deepen their connection with Loyola by joining the Parents Council. By the time their son, Carson, enrolled at Loyola in 2013, his mother was a member of the Sellinger Board of Sponsors, and the Ingersolls had become enthusiastic supporters of the Loyola education and student experience.

“We both have enjoyed becoming involved with the Loyola community,” said Deb, who co-founded Orchard Hills Design and Construction in Summit, N.J., with her husband, Brent.

As involved and enthusiastic Loyola parents, an opportunity presented itself to begin the Ingersoll Family Scholarship, an endowed scholarship fund to benefit future students in the Sellinger School of Business and Management.

“We want others to have the opportunities a Loyola education offers,” Brent said. “It was enjoyable to take each step in this process with Loyola, in order to create the scholarship.”

After the Ingersolls arranged to set up the fund, the first gift to the scholarship came in—and it was from Riley. Her parents, who have tried to inspire an understanding of the importance of giving in their children, were delighted. Since then Carson has made a gift, too.

“Supporting your community is a very important aspect of daily life,” said Riley, who graduated in 2015 as a psychology major with an art minor.

“It’s exciting to be able to support a community that has helped you become the person you are today.”

Riley is grateful for how her Loyola education prepared her for life after graduation. “I truly think Loyola makes you a well-rounded person,” she said.

Deb and Brent have both seen how their children have grown through their experiences at Loyola. Riley and Carson has each found an individually rewarding path. Carson graduated in May as a finance major. “Neither of our children had a definite profession in mind,” Deb said.

“At Loyola they were surrounded by good options and found their paths.” While Riley and Carson chose different majors at Loyola, their career paths have led them to Orchard Hills Design and Construction. Their parents look forward to having them on their team and seeing the ways their business will benefit from their children’s Jesuit liberal arts education.

Meanwhile, the family of four will stay involved at Loyola—and hope to see how the Ingersoll Family Scholarship will benefit future Greyhounds.

“Deb, Brent, Riley and Carson are a wonderful family. We are so lucky to have them as enthusiastic members of the Loyola community,” said Kathleen Getz, dean of the Sellinger School. “I hope that their story—their example—will inspire others to give back to Loyola, specifically Sellinger, in a personally meaningful way.”