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How Loyola will build on the success of Bright Minds, Bold Hearts campaign for the future

With the successful completion of Loyola’s largest campaign, Bright Minds, Bold Hearts, the University will continue to build on that success and seek opportunities to advance Loyola by focusing on funding after the campaign.

Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning

The renovation of Beatty Hall and the addition of 25,000 square feet of space will create a vibrant academic building unlike any other on campus. The Center will feature active learning spaces that can be reconfigured for dynamic teaching styles. Demand for an expanded Career Center will be met with an “Apple store-like” experience that can be adapted for various types of programming. And new departmental workspaces will invite inter-disciplinary collaboration. The Center intentionally connects the Idea Lab, the Career Center, and the Commons to more fully engage the community in the dissemination of ideas and knowledge. The building will become the academic hub for the campus community, offering collaborative learning space as well as a place to promote and advance Loyola’s thriving culture of innovation.

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

This new initiative will enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Loyola, connecting four components under the leadership of a new director and entrepreneur-in-residence; the Baltipreneurs Institute, a resource to connect traditionally overlooked entrepreneurs with Loyola faculty and alumni; an idea lab for rapid prototyping; the University’s Entrepreneurship program, an emerging interdisciplinary entrepreneurship curriculum that includes planned major and minor courses of study in entrepreneurship; and the Loyola Innovation Accelerator, which seeks to invest in creative ideas, business practices, and products that create capital and effect positive social change.

The newly purposed Evergreen Annual Fund

The Evergreen Annual Fund makes a Loyola education possible and accessible. Tuition and fees only cover 70% of the full cost of a Loyola education. As of June 1, 2018, 100% of the Evergreen Fund goes toward scholarship and financial aid, ensuring that an education at Loyola University Maryland remains an active, transformative Jesuit experience for as many deserving students as possible.

Endowed scholarships

Scholarships are critical to ensure that Loyola can remain competitive in attracting academically talented students. The cost of a Loyola education, while comparable to Loyola’s peer institutions, requires a significant financial commitment from families. Endowed scholarships play a powerful role in shaping the Loyola of the future by honoring the essence of what makes the University great—bringing some of the nation’s most talented students to campus to focus on a wide range of studies and benefit from the life-changing experience Loyola offers.

Alumni Memorial Chapel refurbishment

The chapel, which has not been renovated in decades, is in need of attention to preserve this beloved piece of Loyola’s history and ensure this sacred space can continue to add splendor to the Evergreen campus for years to come.

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