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Strategic Plan

Together We Rise, Loyola University Maryland's Strategic Plan for 2030


Today, we step forward boldly to enhance our academic and educational mission for the 21st century. We renew our commitment to the Jesuit, liberal arts tradition that infuses every aspect of our identity. Rooted in tradition and poised for innovation, we take this work as a community united in mission, ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

 Our Mission

Loyola University Maryland is a Jesuit, Catholic university committed to the educational and spiritual traditions of the Society of Jesus and to the ideals of liberal education and the development of the whole person. Accordingly, the University will inspire students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.

Our Vision

With a steadfast commitment to student success, Loyola University Maryland is dedicated to transformational excellence. As a Jesuit, Catholic University, we aim to lead with love and work for justice and aspire to be the best place in the world from which to change the world.

Our Guiding Commitments

While many themes emerged throughout our planning process, two rose above the others as critical to our mission. They became our guiding commitments and are infused throughout this plan:

  1. A commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice; and
  2. A commitment to innovation, growth, and operational excellence.

At the same time, our guiding commitments are rooted in the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus: showing the way to God, walking with the excluded, journeying with youth, and caring for our common home.

Advance Student and Faculty Formation

Strengthening our commitment to cura personalis (care for the whole person), we will create an integrated and comprehensive support network for students and invest in faculty development. We will expand opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and will deepen our understanding of Ignatian pedagogy. We will elevate mission and school spirit in support of success for all.

Students and a professor around a circular table during class

Advance Student & Faculty Support

Create an integrated and comprehensive support network for students and invest in faculty development in ways that set the standard for student and faculty success and significance.

Advance Our Jesuit Mission and School Spirit

Promote our mission and charism through deepened engagement with Ignatian formation. Pursue new initiatives for students, alumni, and community members that improves student retention and increases alumni engagement and lifelong connections.

Grow Our Footprint, Influence, and Enrollment

Building upon our liberal arts foundation, Loyola will implement a university-wide focus on health, allied health, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We will strengthen graduate education and strategically add, grow, and revitalize programs, all with an eye on forming future leaders dedicated to service and justice.

Students in a science lab

Grow Health and STEM

Launch a new school focused on health and allied health and develop market-aligned programs and innovative partnerships that are grounded in mission and support program growth, revitalization, and reinvestment throughout the University.

Grow Graduate Education

In recognition of the significance of graduate education at Loyola, develop better support structures and further refine our graduate education mission.

Care for Our Common Home

Deepening our commitment to Ignatian formation and to the Universal Apostolic Preferences, we will step forward to become leaders in caring for our earth and walking with the excluded. In doing so, we will further develop our commitment to place-based justice and community engagement and better demonstrate a faith that does justice.

A bee on a flower with a Loyola banner in the background

Become a Leader in Integral Ecology

Enhance our Laudato Si’ commitment to care for our planet and our people through prioritizing sustainable practices that create positive change for our campus, our city, and our planet.

Cultivate a Community of Belonging

Further refine and invest in a mission-centered strategy to enact justice and support equity, inclusion, and belonging for all members of our university community.

Thrive by Investing in and Supporting Our Team

Focusing on the Jesuit ideals of cura personalis and cura apostolica, we will ensure that every member of the University has the tools and support they need to develop their professional potential.

A large group of Loyola employees smiling for the camera

Become a Destination Employer

Be recognized as a destination employer for faculty, staff, and administrators.

Pursue Operational and Digital Transformation

Create a culture of change and operational excellence across the University as part of the successful implementation of new digital infrastructure and work processes.

Terrence Sawyer
This is our moment to set Loyola on a trajectory that will ensure its success for generations. As we implement this plan together, we will continue to make Loyola a known leader in inclusive academic excellence and the pursuit of justice, ensuring success for all members of our Loyola community while caring for our common home.