Loyola University Maryland

Department of Computer Science

Degrees and Curriculum

A Loyola student may major in computer science (CS), earning either a B.S. or a B.A. The Department also offers in minor in computer science and a certificate in programming. In every case, the student completes a liberal arts "core" in addition to study in computer science, science, and mathematics. All students complete an introductory sequence that emphasizes the design and implementation of software systems in a high-level language. Introductory hardware concepts are introduced in the required Computer Engineering I course.

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The CS Major

The B.S. degree is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org/.

The B.A. degree allows more flexibility in choosing courses and combines more easily with a second major or minor in a non-science related area.

The CS Minor

Students minoring in computer science complete six computer science courses. The minor can easily be combined with a major in the mathematical or natural sciences or business.

Other Programs

A certificate in programming is awarded to any student who completes the first three courses (CS201, CS212, and CS312) in the introductory sequence.

Interdisciplinary majors that include computer science are also possible. Students interested in such a program should consult the Chairs of the departments of both disciplines.

Undergraduate Enrollment

Sept. Enrollment 
Total undergraduate majors
 2015 40 67
 2014 42 61 
 2013 28 43
 2012 20 36
Graduates BS
Total undergraduate CS degrees
 2014-15 6 9
2013-14 5
2012-13 1


2011-12 6 8