Loyola University Maryland

Department of Computer Science


Who should I contact with questions?

Sibren Isaacman
Sibren Isaacman, Ph.D. Department Chair, Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Mobile Computing, Technology for Developing Regions

Dr. Binkley, Computer Science Department
David W. Binkley, Ph.D. Professor

Area of Specialty: Programming Languages

Dr. Hoang Bui
Hoang Bui, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Eric Cui
Eric Cui Assistant Professor

Area of Speciality: Recommender System

Robert Kenyon, Ed.D. Teaching Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Data Science Program
John Nweke
John Nweke, M.Sc. Assistant Teaching Professor

Areas of Specialty: Programming, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Virtual Machines


Dr, Megan Olsen, Computer Science Department
Megan Olsen, Ph.D. Professor

Areas of Specialty: Complex Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling & Simulation

Henrique Rocha, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Area of Specialty: Software Engineering

Professor Roberta Sabin
Roberta E. Sabin, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus

Area of Specialty: Information Retrieval, Databases

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Douglas Ashworth
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Solan Bongase
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Joseph DiNatale
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Jennifer Gentry
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Erhan Guven
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Matthew Hearn
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Jal Irani
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Max Morawski
Hannah Mannering


The CPAMS Scholars program has allowed Hannah to build connections with her peers and teachers who span all STEM fields

Computer Science, Data Science