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Why Computer Science?

Computer science is a dynamic, expanding field. Just a few of the specialties within it are robotics, game development, social network infrastructures, simulation, and data mining. If you personally enjoy problem solving, computer science is for you.

Good Pay, Many Employers

Computing is still, and will continue to be, a very hot field. Professionally, people with undergraduate degrees in Computer Science can expect entry-level positions well above the average salary level. For example, in August 2022 the website lists the average salary for entry level software engineers to be $88,000 in base pay. The Baltimore-Washington area in particular is host to many computer science positions at employers in aerospace, defense, intelligence, information technology, bio-tech, and hi-tech product development. Loyola graduates have a track record of success in all of the above industry segments.

Make a Difference with a Rewarding Career

Computer Science affects almost every other field. With a computer science degree you can learn how to create the systems that power so much of our world today, from physics, to marketing, to art. Computer science can help answer foundational questions about knowledge in other science fields, and is key to the next scientific revolution. Computer science can also help you help others, from bridging the digital divide between those who have access and those who do not, to making a positive different in the world by developing ethical solutions to real problems. How will you choose to change the world with computing? The options are endless.

A Chance for Creativity and Innovation

Computer science knowledge provides the right knowledge and skills to solve complex and challenging problems, which requires creativity and innovation. In computer science you have opportunities for both collaborative work and individual effort. It is also part of a well-rounded education, and pairs well with many other majors and minors. Many of the interesting innovations of the modern world are happening through computing.