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First/Second-Year Courses

The first course computer science majors take is CS151. Computer science majors should not take CS105. Whether you are considering a B.A. degree or a B.S. degree in Computer Science, your first two years of computer science are extremely similar.

Getting Credit for CS151 

It is possible to “test out” of CS151. The most common way to do this is via A.P. Computer Science. You must score at least a 4 to get credit for CS151. Alternatively, if you have taken computer science courses or have learned via online or other approaches, you may request to be tested if you think you do not need to take the first programming course in the major.

Taking CS151 in First-Year Fall Semester (Recommended)

If you come to Loyola and are considering Computer Science as a major, you should take the following math/cs courses in this order:

Semester  CS Courses B.S. Math B.A. Math
 First-year fall CS151

MA251, or ST210 if you have credit for MA251

 First-year spring CS212 ST210 or MA301 if ST210 taken in the fall semester Math elective*
 Second-year fall CS295,CS312  
 Second-year spring CS366, CS266 (1 credit lab), CS371 MA301 or ST210, if not already taken Math Elective*

* If you place into MA109 or MA104, you should take that instead of MA251.  Once you have passed MA109, you will begin the math sequence listed here, starting with MA251. If you wish to take a second semester of physics, you should take MA252 as one of your math electives as PH202 requires it.  It is easiest to take MA252 directly after MA251, while calculus is still fresh in your mind. See the BA degree details for more information on its math requirements.  If you are considering a math minor or double major, please check the math curriculum page for additional information.

We recommend starting your science courses in your sophomore year (biology, chemistry, or physics) for both degrees. See the B.S. requirements and B.A. requirements for specifications on what science courses you may take.

Do I need to decide between the B.A. and B.S. Immediately?

No. Generally students do not know in the first year which degree they would like to pursue. In fact, at Loyola we do not even require you to know your general major in your first year! However, if you are considering a CS major, we recommend following the above sequence. If you are unsure of B.A. or B.S., you mainly need to keep up with the CS requirements and continue to take math courses. All math course electives for the B.A. count toward the B.S. degree, and all math for the B.S. can count as a math elective for the B.A. degree. See the Degrees and Curriculum main page for more information on the differences.

Taking CS151 in First-Year Spring Semester

If you did not take CS151 until the spring of your first year, you should take the following courses in your second year instead:

Semester  Courses
 Second-year fall CS212, CS295, The next course in your math sequence if you have not yet completed MA251 and ST210
 Second-year spring CS366, CS266 (1 credit lab), CS371, and either MA301 (B.S.) or a Math Elective (B.A.)

Third year fall semester is when you will take CS312.

Starting CS151 in Sophomore Year

If you did not take CS151 until your sophomore year, please talk to the department chair or your Computer Science advisor about how to fit in a CS major in your specific situation.

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