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Major/Minor Requirements

What Are the Requirements For Each Major?

You can see a summary of the requirements of each of our three majors at the following webpages:

Current students should also use the academic worksheets from the AASC website to help plan their courses.

What Are the Requirements for the CS Minor?

You can see a summary of the requirements of our minor at the following webpage, or on the academic worksheet from AASC:

How Do the BS and BA Degrees Differ?

All of our CS degrees will prepare you for a career in computing. The B.S. degree has additional math, science, and CS requirements when compared to the B.A. degree. The differences between the degree requirements can be summarized as follows:

  1. The B.S. Degree is ABET accredited. However, this does not mean that the BA degree prepares you less; it just has a different set of requirements.
  2. The B.S. Degree requires Physics. Both degrees require two semesters of majors-level science, the B.S. degree has less flexibility on that science.
  3. The B.S. Degree requires one more math course than the B.A.
  4. The B.S. Degree has 10 required CS courses and 3 electives; the B.A. has 7 required CS courses and 5 electives. These requirements mean that the B.S. requires 1 more CS course, but has less flexibility than the B.A. on which courses you take in CS.

You do not need to decide which CS major you want immediately. Once you declare a CS major, your CS faculty advisor will help you determine which option (B.S., B.A., Interdisciplinary) is the right fit for you. Often students change their minds over their four years for which major they want to pursue, and that's OK! 

A visualization of the requirements of each of our degrees is in the below image. All courses with a double outline are required for both the BS and the BA; any CS course that is single outline is required for the B.S. but counts as an elective for the B.A. 

Prerequisite structure of the CS degree. These details can be seen in text form in the course catalogue.