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B.S. in Computer Science

The B.S. degree in computer science, accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, requires the successful completion of 20 computer science and related courses in addition to the liberal arts core. They include:

  • 10 required computer science courses
    • Introductory programming sequence (CS151, CS212, CS312)
    • Computer Engineering (CS371)
    • Systems courses (CS366, CS266, CS466)
    • Programming languages (CS451)
    • Algorithm Analysis (CS462)
    • Software Engineering (CS482)
    • Senior Project (CS496)
  • 3 computer science electives (CS300 or CS400 level courses, or a graduate level CS course)
  • 5 mathematical science courses:  
    • Calculus (MA251)
    • Discrete Math (CS295/MA295; or MA395 if math major)
    • Linear Algebra (MA301)
    • Statistics (ST210) 
    • One of the following: MA252; MA427; MA445; MA447; MA448; MA481, MA/ST485, and ST465
  • 2 courses of majors-level* courses in biology, chemistry, or physics:
    • PH201/PH291
    • One of the following: BL118; BL101; BL201; CH101; PH202

* A majors-level science course is a course that students who major in that course take. Courses intended for non-science majors do not count.

The prerequisites for the above required CS courses can be seen in the below graph, or in the course catalogue:

Computer Science Prerequisite chart

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