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Contact Us

Sibren Isaacman

Department Chair, Associate Professor
Donnelly Science 127B

Please contact Dr. Isaacman or stop by his office if you need department chair approval or discussion for:

  • Data Science Master’s Program CS courses
  • Course scheduling
  • Prospective student questions
  • Signature on forms that require discussion (if not discussion required, please leave with Ms. Nakia)

Nakia Davis

Program Assistant
Computer Science Department
Office: DS127A

Please contact Ms. Nakia for

  • questions/concerns about the website,
  • requesting copies of a prior syllabus, or
  • any other inquiries not listed for the chair or if you are unsure who to contact.

If you need to have any of the following forms signed by Dr. Isaacman but do not need to discuss them with him, please drop them off with Ms. Nakia:

  • change of minor, or
  • change of major (if dropping CS, please meet with Dr. Isaacman first; if you have questions about adding CS, please meet with Dr. Isaacman first).

Dr. Isaacman will sign these forms every Wednesday, and then you can pick them up from Ms. Nakia after that.

Who to Contact about other Questions

Summer Course Approval

To submit a request for approval for summer courses, please use the AASC Summer Away Form. If you have a question about what courses are already approved for summer away, please contact AASC. If you have a question about a specific course before you submit it for approval, please contact the department chair.

Study Abroad Course Approval

To view the already approved courses for study abroad, see the Study Abroad webpage for your program and download the spreadsheet of approved courses. You can see the recommended programs for study for computer science majors on the CS Study Abroad webpage. You can contact the department chair if you find a course in the program that is being offered but has not already been approved, to inquire if it can be approved.


You can find information about our tutors and their hours on the Tutoring Page. Further questions should go to our Tutoring Coordinator:

Dr. Hoang Bui


You can read about our non-major courses CS105/106/107/108 on our Courses for Non-Majors page. Further questions should go to our non-major course coordinator:

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kenyon

CS Minor

You can read about our CS Minor on the CS Minor page. Further questions should go to the department chair:

Dr. Isaacman

Department website

If you find an error on our website, have questions about how to find information on our website, or have further comments about this website, please contact our administrative assistant:

Ms. Nakia Davis

Computer Science Major Advisors (BS/ BA/ Interdisciplinary)


Academic Advisors are assigned based on class year. Click on your class year to see who is advising your class. 

During Dr. Rocha's research leave, Dr. Bui will advise the Class of 2024.

Dr. Hoang Bui

Dr. Dave Binkley

The Class of 2026 is split across two advisors. Only one of the following faculty members is your advisor, check Student Planning to confirm:

Dr. Sibren Isaacman

Dr. Hoang Bui

Students in the Class of 2027 currently have a core advisor. In your sophomore year you will be assigned an advisor in your major. If you have questions about the CS major before you are assigned a CS advisor, please contact

Dr. Megan Olsen