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Elizabeth Dahl

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Elizabeth Dahl

Associate ProfessorElizabeth Dahl

Phone: 410-617-2236


  • Ph.D., M.Sc. University of California (Irvine), Earth System Science
  • B.Sc. University of Miami, Marine Science and Chemistry

Courses Taught

  • Quantitative Analysis Lecture and Laboratory (CH 201)
  • Instrumental Methods Lecture and Laboratory (CH 410/411)
  • Global Environment (CH 114)
  • General Chemistry I Lecture and Laboratory (CH 101/105)
  • Environmental Science & Sustainability with Analysis (CH 220) 


  • Blohm, M.; B.M. Roche; and E.E. Dahl (2017), Serpentine populations of Arabidopsis lyrata subsp. lyrata show evidence for local adaptation in response to nickel exposure at germination and during juvenile growth, Environmental and Experimental Botany, 138, 109,
  • Liss, P. and C. Marandino, Short-lived trace gases in the surface ocean and atmosphere in Ocean Atmospheric Interactions of Gases and Particles, ed. P. Liss, Springer 2013., Contributing Authors: Elizabeth Dahl, Detlev Helmig, Eric Hintsa, Claire Hughes, Martin Johnson, Bob Moore, John Plane, Birgit Quack, Hanwant Singh, Jacqueline Stefels, Roland von Glasow, Jonathan Williams
  • Dahl, E.E., E.M. Heiss, K. Murawski (2012), The effects of dissolved organic matter on alkyl nitrate production during GOMECC and laboratory studies, Marine Chem. 142-144, 11-17, doi: 10.1016/j.marchem.2012.08.001.
  • Zhou, X., A.J. Davis, D.J. Kieber, W.C. Keene, J.R. Maben, H. Maring, E.E. Dahl, M.A. Izaguirre, R. Sander, and L. Smoydzyn (2008), Photochemical Production of Hydroxyl Radical and Hydroperoxides in Water Extracts of Nascent Marine Aerosols Produced by Bursting Bubbles from Sargasso Seawater, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L20803, doi: 10.1029/2008GL035418.
  • Dahl, E.E. and E.S. Saltzman (2008), Alkyl nitrate photochemical production rates in North Pacific seawater, Mar. Chem., 112(3-4), 137-141, doi: 10.1016/j.marchem.2008.10.002.
  • Keene, W.C., H. Maring, J.R. Maben, D.J. Kieber, A.A.P. Pszenny, E.E. Dahl, M.A. Izaguirre, A.J. Davis, M.S. Long, X. Zhou, L. Smoydzin, R. Sander (2007), Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Nascent Aerosols Produced by Bursting Bubbles at a Model Air-Sea Interface, J. Geophys. Res., 112, D21202, doi:10.1029/2007JD008464.

Presentations (student presenters underlined, student co-authors in italics)

  • Dahl, E.E.; T.K. Howard, N.M. D’Andrea, Urban Forests and Fine Particulate Matter in Baltimore City, A41H-3057; American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; December 10-14, 2018, Washington D.C.
  • E.E. Dahl, Practical Ideas to Get Students to Think About Justice in Science Courses. AGU Fall Meeting 2014.
  • E.E. Dahl, C.B. Lewis, F.L.A. Velasco, C. Escobar, D. Kellogg, M.K. Velcamp.A biological source of oceanic alkyl nitrates, AGU Fall Meeting 2013.
  • E.E. Dahl, M.K. Velcamp, D.A. Kellogg, C. Escobar. Biological Production of Oceanic Alkyl Nitrates, AGU Fall Meeting 2012.
  • E.E. Dahl.Teaching about the Global Environment at a Jesuit Liberal Arts University.AGU Fall Meeting 2012.
  • Dahl, E.E., D. Kellogg, C. Escobar (2012), Are diatoms a source of oceanic alkyl nitrates? SOLAS Open Science Conference, Cle Elum Washington, May 7-10.
  • Kellogg, D., C. Escobar, and E. Dahl (2011).Alkyl nitrate production by phytoplankton.241st ACS Meeting and Exposition, Anaheim California March 27-31.
  • Heiss, E.M. and E.E. Dahl (2008), The Effect of Humic Substances on the Production Rate of Alkyl nitrates in Seawater, EOS 89(53), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract A43B-0294.
  • Dahl, E.E. and K.W. Murawski (2008), Photochemical production of C1-C3 alkyl nitrates during GOMECC, Ocean Sciences, Orlando FL, Abstract 730.

Area of Specialty 

Analytical and Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry

Research Interests

I am interested in the sources and sinks of biogeochemical trace gases and the effect on atmospheric chemistry and climate as well as the impacts on air quality in the Baltimore region.  I'm also interested in developing projects with students based on their research interests.  For more on research in my group please visit our research group page.  I also maintain a series of air pollution monitors in the area that are accessible in real time.


In addition to the air pollution monitors, I do talks and demonstrations in schools on chemistry or climate change and for general audiences on climate change.  I also organizing the Baltimore Environmental Film Series at Loyola