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John Dougherty

Assistant Professor of Economics

Assistant Professor of Economics


Sellinger Hall 411

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. and MA, The Ohio State University
BS and BA, George Washington University

Research Areas

Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics


Gallenstein, Richard A., John P. Dougherty, Julie Jent. “Achieving Inclusive Microfinance: Recommendations from Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Development Literature.” Journal of Management, Spirituality, & Religion - Forthcoming

Dougherty, John P., Richard A. Gallenstein, and Khushbu Mishra. “Impact of index insurance on moral hazard in the agricultural credit market: Theory and evidence from Ghana.” March 2021. The Journal of African Economies 00: 1-31

Richard Gallenstein, Jon Einar Flatnes, John Dougherty, Khushbu Mishra, and Abdoul Sam. January 2018. “The impact of index‐insured loans on credit market participation and risk‐taking.” January 2021. Agricultural Economics, 52(1): 141-156.

Dougherty, John, Jon Einar Flatnes, Richard Gallenstein, Mario Miranda and Abdoul Sam. “Climate change and index insurance demand: Evidence from a framed field experiment in Tanzania.” July 2020. The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 175: 155-184.