Loyola University Maryland

Honor Code

Honor Council Members

Honor Council Chairs

Samantha Figler
Jack Hennessey
Emilie Masterson 
Margaret Mildrew
Honor Council Members

Name Class Year
Anahys Aghababian 2019
Romie Azor 2021
Emily Bennett  2020
Marc Blanco  2019
Matthew Cannon 2019
Nicholas Commander 2021
David Flaherty  2019
Jair Gomez 2019
Kyle Gower 2020
Valerie Greisman 2020
Liam Guarnuccio  2020
Jack Hennessey  2020
Emilie Masterson 2019
Margaret Mildrew 2020
Chloe O'Hara 2021
Quinn Pape 2019
Gail Rabasca 2019
Rebecca Vincent 2020
Allie Weis 2019
SGA Director of Academic Affairs

Oliver Kish

 Faculty and Administrators
Mark Lee Administrative Moderator 
Jordan Wilner Graduate Assistant 
Prince Chidyagwai
Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Joseph Farrell Lecturer, Philosophy
Raenita Fenner Associate Professor, Engineering
Theresa Jefferson  Assistant Professor, Information Systems, Law and Operations 
Drew Leder  Professor, Philosophy 
Katie Loomis  Assistant Professor, Psychology 
Christopher Thompson Associate Professor, Biology
Kimberly Wagner  Executive in Residence, Information Systems, Law, and Operations  
Nancy Williams Associate Professor, Economics