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Tutorial Quiz 1 Slide 5

How the Honor Code was started


Verbose description:

Slide is titled "How it Started..."

Three boxes of text flow from left to right:

On the left, a box captioned "Baltimore Sun" says:

  • In May, 1990 the Sun published an article on University cheating with Loyola in the spotlight.
  • It stated that over 40% of students were cheating to get their degrees.

In the center, a box captioned "Creating the Honor Code" says:

  • The article portrayed Loyola students in a less than positive light.
  • The students wanted to demonstrate that integrity and hard work mean something: the Honor Council was formed

On the right, a box captioned "Today's Council" says:

  • The Code was formed by students, faculty, and administrators. The Honor Council is run by students.
  • The Code requires all students to maintain academic integrity when completing their work and protects the integrity of each students' degree.