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Sticky Situations

Verbose description:

Title: "Sticky Situations"

Text box 1: The Situation: A "Sticky Situation" occurs when you know that an act will be a violation of the Honor Code, but you want to, or feel you need to do it anyway.  It might happen with people whom you care about, or friends or significant others who need your help in completing an assignment.

Text box 2: The Problem: Let's say you have a friend who is taking Computer Science 111.  You took this class last semester and thought it was a no-brainer.  After all, you're great with computers; however, your friend -- not so much!  Your friend comes to you with a multitude of questions on an assignment in which you got an A.  Your friend asks if he can borrow the assignment, just as a guideline of course!

Text box 3: The Solution: It's easy for us to tell you that giving your friend the paper would constitute cheating: your friend would be using unauthorized material that you gave to them.  Remember that some ways of "helping" can result in trouble for both YOU and your friend.