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Resources to Use (Continued)

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Title: Resources to Use

Text box 1: Extensions -- contrary to what you might think, this is not a foreign concept to professors.  Professors may choose to grant extensions to students that ask! 

Quick tips:

  • Be polite; give the honest reason why you cannot complete the assignment on time
  • Be clear about your request: (a specific amount of extra time, for example). Understand that there may be a penalty (grade reduction, for example).
  • If you find yourself in this situation often, you may have a chronic procrastination problem.  Get some help with
  • Try to speak with the professor in person, rather than just sending an email or leaving a message.

Text box 2: Remember that it's the professor's right to grant or deny extensions and impose an academic penalty for being late as they see fit.  Even a strong penalty is better than failing a course for academic dishonesty.