Loyola University Maryland

Latin American and Latino Studies


The interdisciplinary minor in Latin American and Latino studies is built on an historical, cultural, literary, sociological and political understanding of the Spanish, Portuguese and French-speaking regions of the Americas. Students will come to appreciate the diversity of Latin American and U.S. Latino experiences by studying Latin Americans from all countries, including the United States.

Students from Portuguese 204 (Portuguese for Speakers of Spanish) pose with their professor Glaydson Vieira for a group picture on Brazilian Snack Day this past April.


Students trying out Artesanos Don Bosco Furniture at the Loyola Notre Dame Library


Trying out Artesanos Don Bosco furniture at exhibition organized by students from

ML392D Introduction to Latin American Studies 

at the Loyola Notre Dame Library November 12, 2018.


Regina McCoy

Sophomore Regina McCoy explains the Don Bosco mission to students in the Loyola NotreDame Library.

Artesanos Don Bosco furniture is built by artisans in Chacas, a town in the high Andes and is transported to a gallery in Federal Hill, Baltimore, where it is sold and earnings are returned to the artisans, thereby eliminating the need for them to migrate to Lima or other location. They can then remain in Chacas and maintain links to their ayllu, or community.