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LALS minor Ana Pina finishes her fourth year at Loyola this semester!

picture of Ana Pina

During her very busy time at Loyola, Ana has been working diligently on a major in International Business that she has complemented with a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies. Originally from Mexico, she now resides in Maryland, making Loyola a good choice for her. She has taken various courses on Latin America while at Loyola, some of which include: Literature and Identity Politics in Peru, Three Masterworks in Guatemalan Literature, Violence and Culture: Colombia 20th Century and the Making of the Modern World: Latin America. She has studied abroad in Newcastle, England and traveled to Peru, where she trekked to the beautiful island of Paracas and Ica, a small oasis in the Peruvian desert. While in Europe, she visited six different countries: Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Amsterdam, Switzerland and France, where she was able to experience the many different cuisines, cultures, and traditions. Besides her academic work, Ana’s favorite activities during her free time are painting and photography, which she has been doing since high school. She currently works in the Language Learning Center where she is now the senior student supervisor. This semester she is interning at the World Trade Center Institute in Baltimore. We wish her well during her final semester and with her job search. We have no doubt she will land a super position.

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