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BSA Fashion Show

The Black Student Association (BSA) Fashion Show began in 1998 as a campus-wide event to show Black culture, fashion and music through runway. Since 1998 the show has become bigger and better! Students from all over campus participate as models to make the show a success every year. Learn more on the background of the BSA Fashion Show by the Grove. 

Black Student Association (BSA) Fashion Show 2021 Presents

The word 'Nostalgia' with a swirled rainbow fill

A graphic of a realistic face and a rainbow swirled face dripping into one another

Nostalgia, featuring In Living Color

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to showcase the BSA Fashion Show in 2020 and 2021. Join us on Friday, April 30th at 7pm to in viewing a tribute video that highlights the importance and origin of the BSA Fashion Show, featuring new content created by our student leaders in light of the COVID-19 pandemic known as “In Living Color”. We hope that this inspires you and excites you in what is to become of the BSA Fashion Show in 2022!

Photo Gallery

Take a look back at past fashion shows throughout the years in our Nostalgia gallery.

2006 flyer with pink, blue, and yellow color blocked animations of female models
2006: Synergy, with featured designers Out of Order; EVOCATIVE! Designs; Eunique Chic; Victor Hou Designs; Le'Sheea, Inc.; Xplanations Clothing; Retro Ragtime Couture; Downtown Locker Room; Ten Car Pile Up; and Toneik
2007 flyer with graphics of three female models walking and wearing a blue, a yellow, and a pink dress.
2007: About Face. Special Guest Appearances by Poly Western Marching Flock; St. Mary's School; Rap Artist Sage. Designs by Embrosia; After Hours; Jana Humplik; Juanita Dudhnath; TNS Designs; Mule Apparel; Retro Ragtime; Syeko; Myth, Inc. Corporate Sponsor: Signature Ink.
2009 flyer: Purple background with title
2009: Stitch! Directed by Aliya Codrington and Mistee-Rae Peters
2010 flyer with saturated images of a female model between images of the Alumni Memorial Chapel and Broadway Street downtown and corresponding street signs.
2010: N. Charles & Broadway. Featuring designs by Emore J Couture; A People United; Cloud 9; K-Station, & more. Live music by: A Cool Stick
2011 black flyer with a light blue tinted image of a sequined outfit and jewelry
2011: Moda Bazaar
7 female models on stage in differing outfits and poses
6 female models standing in a stacked line with arms raised
2 female models mirror poses in bright colored dresses while one model in black and white poses front and center
2012 red and yellow/orange flyer featuring an unidentified female model posing in a floor-length red gown
2012: Theory
2013 black flyer featuring neon-colored silhouettes of two female models in different poses
2013: Hue. Directed by Alayna Shamy and Yasmin Rigney
2014 flyer featuring an image of an empty runway stage and arena from the perspective of a runway model
2014: Poise
2015 flyer featuring the shadowy profile of a female model
2015: Mystique
2016 flyer in black and white featuring  male and female models in black clothes and various poses
2016: Temptation
2017 flyer featuring a female model in a solid black dress posing in an armchair
2017: Black Allure
2017 flyer with 3 male models in black and white shirts and ties standing in the frames of backlit Tudor-style windows
2017: Black Allure
4 female models side-by-side on the runway in the same hands-on-hips pose with backs to the camera
A female model being lifted in the air by her arms by two male models on the runway
Female and male models standing in simple poses on the runway, wearing a white, black, and red color scheme
2018 flyer featuring male and female models dressed in black formal attire and posing gathered around a dining table
2018: For The Culture
Male and female models walking down the runway dressed in a dark color scheme
The entire 2019 model cast in various poses, dressed in black formal attire
A male model standing alone at the end of the runway in a color-block outfit with arms stretched out to the sides
2019 flyer with male and female models posing in solid black outfits
2019: the seeds of labor