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BSA Fashion Show

The Black Student Association (BSA) Fashion Show began in 1998 as a campus-wide event to show Black culture, fashion and music through runway. Since 1998 the show has become bigger and better! Students from all over campus participate as models to make the show a success every year.


Coming Together to Celebrate Differences

What started as a showcase of black talent and culture, today is a complex, enthralling, and fully student-run production that brings hundreds together to celebrate diversity. Loyola's story in The Grove gives a small, behind-the-scenes view of what it actually takes to put on this enormous event.

What's Behind the BSA Fashion Show

Afrotopia: Black to the Future

A silver graphic of a person with an Afro hairstyle above a futuristic cityscape with the words Afrotopia Black to the Future on the bottom

Join us for the 25th Annual BSA Fashion Show on Friday, April 5th from 8-10 PM in Reitz Arena. The show, Afrotopia: Black To The Future, focuses on Afrofuturism and provides a glimpse into the future of fashion through dance, music, and visuals. This student led production is celebrating a milestone anniversary, and you are invited to watch what has become one of Loyola’s signature events. Tickets for the 25th Annual BSA Fashion Show go on sale on Monday, March 11th at 9 AM EST. Tickets can be purchased at the Loyola Box Office, or online through AudienceView.

General Admission: $18
Standard VIP: $25
Premium VIP (seats located along the runway): $30

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Photo Gallery

Take a look at past BSA Fashion Shows and see how many things have changed over the years...

2006 flyer with pink, blue, and yellow color blocked animations of female models 2007 flyer with graphics of three female models walking and wearing a blue, a yellow, and a pink dress. 2009 flyer: Purple background with title 'stitch' spelled out in string

2010 flyer with saturated images of a female model between images of the Alumni Memorial Chapel and Broadway Street downtown and corresponding street signs. 2011 black flyer with a light blue tinted image of a sequined outfit and jewelry 7 female models on stage in differing outfits and poses

6 female models standing in a stacked line with arms raised 2 female models mirror poses in bright colored dresses while one model in black and white poses front and center 2012 red and yellow/orange flyer featuring an unidentified female model posing in a floor-length red gown

2013 black flyer featuring neon-colored silhouettes of two female models in different poses 2014 flyer featuring an image of an empty runway stage and arena from the perspective of a runway model 2015 flyer featuring the shadowy profile of a female model

2016 flyer in black and white featuring  male and female models in black clothes and various poses 2017 flyer featuring a female model in a solid black dress posing in an armchair 2017 flyer with 3 male models in black and white shirts and ties standing in the frames of backlit Tudor-style windows

4 female models side-by-side on the runway in the same hands-on-hips pose with backs to the camera A female model being lifted in the air by her arms by two male models on the runway Female and male models standing in simple poses on the runway, wearing a white, black, and red color scheme

Large screen projection of a woman with glasses, bright lipstick, and an afro with text Three female models lined across the top of the catwalk Three models embracing shoulder to shoulder with an audience behind them

Three models standing together in symmetric poses 2018 flyer featuring male and female models dressed in black formal attire and posing gathered around a dining table Three models walking under the large projection screen that reads 'womanish'

Closeup of a model posing expertly and looking out toward the crowd Male and female models walking down the runway dressed in a dark color scheme The entire 2019 model cast in various poses, dressed in black formal attire

A male model standing alone at the end of the runway in a color-block outfit with arms stretched out to the sides Female student models in various poses wearing all black against a white background Models posing at the end of the catwalk while a photographer captures the moment

Student models walking in various directions on the catwalk while smoke hangs in the air Three student models walking side-by-side down the catwalk 2019 flyer with male and female models posing in solid black outfits

A behind-the-scenes view of a group photo shoot Student models posing in black and lime green outfits against a green backlight A male student model looking into the camera, enveloped in a purple hue

A female and male student model posing under an intense purple and blue hue 2020 flyer in plain black background and white block text 2020 flyer featuring the cast posing under a bright orange hue

2021 flyer featuring graphics of colorful faces melting and dripping into each other A group of student models posing back stage the night of a show Students taking a selfie together during practice

Students lining up in an academic room to practice for the show A stunning female model posing with one arm up at the end of the catwalk wearing a high-cut white dress Models walking in a line down the catwalk

A male model in a big fur coat walking down the catwalk Male model posing on the catwalk with a cane and bold printed sweat suit Male model strutting down the catwalk in a vibrant silver jacket and black pants

Male models posing against a white background wearing all black Male models posing against a white background wearing all black Three male and three female models posing together in pairs wearing all black against a white background

Flyer in neon sign style, reading 'glo' with a silhouette of a female model in neon as well