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Cultural Events

ALANA sponsors programs that enhance the community's awareness of its cultural richness. We celebrate the following national heritage months:

African Diaspora Celebration
January is almost here, and that means African Diaspora Celebration will be underway! Join the African Student Association (ASA) as they organize a number of informative, engaging, and fun events to better educate and bring together the Loyola community. Check back for more specific information about what ASA has in store for January!
Asian Pacific Islander Awareness Month
Join the Asian Cultural Alliance (ACA) and the Middle Eastern South Asian Student Alliance (MESA) in April as they celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Awareness (APIA). Check back here for more information and details about what these student organizations have planned for this important heritage celebration!
Black History Month
Every February, the Black Student Association (BSA) celebrates Black History Month by organizing a variety of educational, social, and cultural events and activities for the Loyola University community. Check back later for information about the terrific events scheduled for February!
Caribbean Heritage Celebration
November marks the commencement of Caribbean Heritage Celebration (CHC). Each November, the Caribbean Students’ Union (CSU) provides the Loyola community with a number of educational, social, and cultural events to recognize this important month.
Latinx Heritage Month
Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) offers the Loyola community a chance to participate in programs and events to celebrate Latinx heritage, nationally known as Hispanic Heritage Month. Programs and events during National Hispanic Heritage Month take place from Sept. 15-Oct. 15. Join the Association of Latinx Students (ALAS) as they take the lead on engaging and educating the Loyola community.
Native American Heritage Month
Here at Loyola, November is when we celebrate Native American Heritage Month. Every November, the Native American Student Association (NASA) offers the Loyola community a series of thought provoking, educational, and engaging events to shed light and awareness on the experiences of indigenous communities.