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Native American Heritage Month

Presented by ALANA Services

Here at Loyola, November is when we celebrate Native American Heritage Month. It’s important to recognize this cultural heritage because it has been often undermined by other celebrations. In this country, we celebrate the accidental “discovery” of the Americas, but often fail to address those indigenous people that inhabited this land prior to colonization. All throughout history, there have been laws passed that infringe upon the rights of Native Americans. It is essential to become more educated about the frequently overlooked history of Native Americans in this nation, and what can be done to catalyze liberation. This month, we are highlighting different opportunities offered throughout the greater Baltimore City and Washington, D.C. area to learn, engage, and immerse yourself in as we recognize and celebrate Native American heritage. 

Native American Heritage Month 2023

November 11, 2023

Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers, Glen Burnie Library, 11 AM-12 PM

The Piscataway were the first Native Americans to encounter Captain John Smith along the banks of the Potomac River in 1608. Learn about how the Piscataway Nation Singers & Dancers carry on the standing traditions, culture and heritage of their indigenous ancestors. 

November 18, 2023

47th Annual Pow Wow, Maryland State Fairgrounds, 11 AM-7 PM

Join the Baltimore American Indian Center for their 47th Annual Pow Wow. Get ready for a day filled with vibrant colors, rhythmic dances, and rich cultural traditions. Buy tickets to experience and learn more about the mesmerizing beats of traditional drums and the graceful movements of Native American dancers.

November 30, 2023

Why We Serve: Native Americans in the United States Armed Forces, Museum of the American Indian, 10 AM-5:30 PM

The Museum of the American Indian, a free museum located in Washington, D.C., has a special exhibition that's now open through November 30, 2023. This poignant exhibition tells personal stories of Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Alaska Native veterans who have served in the armed forces of the United States (often in extraordinary numbers) since the American Revolution. Learn more about it here.