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Michael Tangrea

Endowed Professor of Biology and Innovation
Michael Tangrea

Endowed ProfessorMichael Tangrea

Phone: 410-617-2170
Fax: 410-617-5682


Knott Hall 102D
Department of Biology
Loyola University Maryland
4501 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210-2699


Translational research bridges basic research and patient care through the development of new therapies, medical devices, digital health applications or novel diagnostics.  This ‘bench to bedside” approach is one that has been fostered by the National Cancer Institute, where I previously worked for over 12 years.  With my background in Cell and Molecular Biology, my research focuses on the development of new technologies to improve molecular diagnostics for cancer.  I am particularly interested in identifying new biomarkers for the early detection of metastatic disease.
My lab uses a number of molecular techniques to evaluate tissue specimens, including immunohistochemistry, digital pathology and real-time PCR.  Over the years, I have invented several new technologies advancing precision medicine and have been fortunate enough to work with a diverse group of engineers, physicists, scientists and physicians.  In addition to my time at the National Cancer Institute, I have also worked in the community hospital setting at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, where I led the LifeBridge Health oncology clinical research program for several years.  Working closely with nurses, clinicians and other medical staff helped me identify areas for improvement in patient care that continues to fuel my creativity in the lab today. 

Another aspect of translational research is the business of technology transfer.  I have been directly involved with creating new startup companies commercializing my inventions to make a positive impact on cancer research and precision medicine.  While at LifeBridge Health, I also launched a BioIncubator, which provides wet lab space and other support for early-stage biomedical companies as they develop their technologies.  Since the launch in 2016, the BioIncubator has supported over 15 different molecular diagnostic and medical device startup companies.  Through this experience, I have been actively involved with the BioHealth Capital Region, which now ranks fourth in the nation for biotech/biopharma.  Loyola University Maryland is located within this region and I am working with Dr. Chris Thompson and BioNavigators to raise awareness of the vast array of biohealth career opportunities.

I am excited to be back at my alma mater and work with students in the lab to continue my translational research efforts. I have benefited from outstanding mentors through the years and look forward to giving back, helping the next generation find their passion and career path.


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Area of Specialization 

  • Cancer Translational Research and BioInnovation