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Loyola Consulting Group for Startups

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The Loyola Consulting Group supports start-ups and small businesses in the Baltimore area and enables students to gain valuable professional experience by providing consulting services. Past projects have included creating complex websites, developing marketing plans, analyzing and updating search engine optimization, generating long term social media plans, and providing focused recommendations for financial services and programs. This club is open to all majors and specialties, and encourages cross major collaboration to create professional deliverables. Students who are passionate about business, finance, writing, marketing, communications, or entrepreneurial careers are encouraged to apply. Students will have an excellent opportunity to apply learned concepts from classes and make lasting business connections through high level networking. As a Jesuit University, Loyola’s mission is to build productive relationships within the surrounding community. The Loyola Consulting Group allows students to fulfill this mission by encouraging active minds and hearts in the larger Baltimore community.

We encourage all interested local companies and student applicants.

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Current and former clients include:

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