Loyola University Maryland

Facilities Management


 Name  Position
Kiki Williams Director of Facilities Management  
Deborah Thomas  Administrative Assistant to Director 
Jeff Mohr Supervisor, Grounds Maintenance 
Joe Griffin  Assistant Director, Electrical Services
Chris George Supervisor, General Maintenance
Shirley Pinkett Assistant Director, Environmental Services
Shelia Glee Supervisor, Environmental Services
Angela Sutton Supervisor, Environmental Services
Ray Bialek Facilities Applications Analyst
Vacant Customer Service Assistant
Paul Trent Warehouse Supervisor
Stephen Hooper Warehouse Worker
Jose Ramirez Assistant Director, HVAC & Plumbing Operations
Clarence Patterson Supervisor, Plumbing
Vacant Supervisor, Heating and Air Conditioning
Meghan Potash  Operations Budget Manager, Facilities and Campus Services
Gloria Kenney Accounts Payable Specialist
Taylor Casalena Program Assistant for Budget and Sustainability