Loyola University Maryland

Language Learning Center

Faculty Services

Loyola's Language Learning Center (known on-campus as the LLC) helps instructors bring technology into the classroom and also offers the option of holding class sessions in our state-of-the-art computer lab or two video viewing rooms. Our computer lab is equipped with Lenovo ThinkCentre computers, outfitted with webcams, headsets, and closed circuit film viewing abilities.

The LLC can be used for everything from showing students a feature film, to leading a technology-driven class session, to having students create, film, and edit their own short movies in our video editing room. All of the equipment necessary for these activities, and a significant foreign language film collection, is available at the LLC, as is technical assistance for both instructors and students.


The list below is a summary of services the LLC offers to faculty in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

To request services from the LLC, complete the corresponding form via the links below, or simply email LoyolaLLC@loyola.edu and include all necessary information.

  • Use of computer lab for class sessions involving Quia or iLrn training, internet research, listening and recording activities, and Virtual Language Exchanges using built-in webcams and high-quality headsets.
  • Use of the two Video Viewing Rooms (VVR 1 and VVR 2) and extensive collection of international films.
  • Put personal or LLC-owned media on reserve, allowing students to view them in the LLC.
  • Equipment and media loans, including video and still cameras, tripods, microphones, movies, digital audio recorders, CD players, adaptor cables for showing presentations on a Mac, portable printers, etc.
  • Assistance filming classes or events.
  • Video and audio editing assistance such as clipping segments from films or audio files (within copyright restrictions) and use of video editing software such as iMovie and iDVD on our iMac.
  • Converting VHS tapes to DVDs (within copyright restrictions)
  • Assistance advertising departmental events.
    • Hanging posters or fliers.
    • Broadcasting events via the LLC website and the LLC campus cable channel (Channel 37).
  • Assistance burning music, data or video onto CDs/DVDs and duplicating media (within copyright restrictions).
  • Assistance digitizing media and saving it on the LLC server network (within copyright restrictions).
  • Color scanning, photocopying, and library runs.
  • And much more - just ask us!