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Staff Council represents the interests and concerns of all levels of non-exempt personnel employed by Loyola University Maryland. Its bi-monthly meetings provide a safe forum for discussion, receiving important information, recommendations, and voting on matters involving staff and the welfare of the University. Staff Council supports the University and the community through service and special projects and participates in the review and implementation of the University's policies which affect staff.

The Council forms committees to consider matters raised by staff members. Committees also convene to study challenges, propose and pursue special projects, make recommendations on specific actions, and present timely information to the Council.

Membership with Staff Council begins when you are hired as a staff employee. It is your active participation that helps the Council and the Loyola community to continuously thrive.

Our Goals

Communications & Marketing Staff Council recognizes the importance of voice. Part of our mission is to make sure that Staff Council has a united and strong voice in the Loyola community. It is imperative that staff members at Loyola University Maryland are informed and are able to communicate, learn from, and effectively work with their peers. The Communications and Marketing team is responsible for developing and integrating marketing visions and strategies, sharing information, creating newsletters and updating social media sites. Most importantly, the team's mission is to hear and unite the voices of all staff members at Loyola University Maryland.
Relationship Building In addition to voice, another key value of Staff Council is fellowship. Staff Council is not only a place to discuss workplace topics, but it is a place to meet people, learn more about your colleagues and life at Loyola, and build professional and personal relationships or mentorships. The Relationship Building team plans events and social activities for all staff throughout the year to encourage community building such as holiday socials and gatherings off campus.
Representation In order for Staff Council to thrive, it needs to be representative of all staff members at Loyola University Maryland. As a group, we seek to provide equal opportunities for all departments, divisions, and sectors of staff life at Loyola. We encourage all members of Staff Council to learn more about your peers, what they do, and how we can all collaborate with each other. In order to have a collective voice, Staff Council must be diverse and must represent all staff members of the Loyola community.
Professional Development Staff Council encourages all staff to take advantage of the different continuing education opportunities at Loyola University Maryland. The McGuire Scholars Program prepares Loyola employees for undergraduate admission to Loyola University Maryland. Tuition Remission is also offered to staff who wish to pursue a bachelors or masters degree at Loyola University Maryland. In addition to education, Staff Council also encourages and sponsors members to attend administrative professionals conferences to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge.

Upcoming Events

Attendance Very Important
Upcoming Meeting-Call for Nominations & Vote for Staff Council Committee Representatives:
April 17, 2024, 12 noon - 1 pm in the Sellinger VIP Lounge

Most Recent General Meeting:
Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 12-1 pm in the Sellinger VIP Lounge

Contact Us

For more information or questions about Staff Council, please contact Michele Herget, Interim Chair of the Staff Council at x5310 or