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Student Information

Welcome to the Timonium Graduate Center!

Below are some guidelines and general information to help make your time at Loyola both productive and enjoyable.

Timonium’s Event Services’ Office

Located in Suite 02, our office is a source of general information. You can pick up & return Loyola-Notre Dame library books, obtain your student ID card, receive vending machine refunds, and schedule breakout room use. You may also schedule a breakout room by sending an email to with the day and time you are requesting.  You can also call 1903 for assistance.

Office Hours

Monday–Thursday 8:30 a.m.–9:30 p.m.; Friday 8:30 a.m–5 p.m. unless noted, and Saturday hours are determined by the schedule of classes and events. Our phone number is 410-617-1903.

Class Schedules

Daily class schedules & room assignments are displayed on LCD screens located in the lobby area.

Student Resource Center

There is a newly renovated Student Resource Center located in the North West corridor, room 06. It is apportioned with computer stations, two conference rooms, computers, copier and printer. For your convenience, there are vending machines located in the North East corridor and a microwave in the kitchen outside of room 32.

Computers and Copier

A computer lab is located in room 01, which is in the 24 hour area, and is available to students when not in use for class. The building has wireless access for laptops. Hardware and software questions should be directed to the Technology Service Center Help Desk at 410-617-5555. Each semester an allotment of printing credits will be loaded on your ID card, to allow free printing from the computers in the lab and resource center. Print credits do not work with the student copier which is located in Room 06. Your student ID is necessary for operation and payment of copies. The copier can also be used as a scanner.


Parents are discouraged from bringing their children to the University. If, however, they are in the building, please be advised that children under the age of 13 are required to have adult supervision at all times.


The Loyola University Maryland website gives you access to Loyola Notre Dame Library’s periodicals, books and databases. Your Loyola ID card also serves as your library card, utilizing the number that appears below the barcode. Inter-library loan and document delivery requests may be made from the library website. Books may be picked up and returned at the Timonium Graduate Center Event Services office in Suite 02.

After-Hours Access

The building may be accessed after regular hours with a valid Loyola Student ID card at the card reader next to the handicap paddle by the exterior door on the right side of the building. Access is granted to Lab 01, the Student Resource Center, restrooms, and vending machines.

Safety and Security

We consider your safety and security at Loyola of paramount importance. Although Timonium is a relatively safe community, you are strongly advised to keep your valuables and student ID with you at all times. There is a system of security cameras throughout the building and a phone in each classroom, lab and lounge. Security personnel are located in the lobby. If you need assistance or note any suspicious activity, please contact the Facility Management desk at 410-617-1903, which is in direct contact with security. After hours, Loyola Public Safety at the Baltimore campus may be reached for an emergency at 410-617-5010.

If you should need to call 911 from a Loyola phone, please be aware that because of the 617 exchange, the call will be answered by Baltimore City 911 Center. You will need to tell them that you are in Baltimore County and to transfer you to Baltimore County’s 911. 

First aid supplies are located in the Event Services office, room 02.  In case of a fire, exit the building in a calm and orderly fashion.

Pets / Animals (other than those employed as service animals) are prohibited in University buildings. Loyola University is a smoke free campus. Smoking is prohibited except in those designated areas outside of the building.

Digital Signage

There are flat screen monitors used for digital signage throughout the building.  If you have an event or group you would like to promote using our digital signage program, send your jpegs to and please include how long you would like your sign to be posted. 

Common Courtesy

Please pick up all trash and recyclables and deposit in the appropriate receptacles.  Keep conversation at a soft minimum around others who are studying, and take cell phone calls to one of the lounge areas so as not to disturb classes, meetings, or events.


Please drive slowly and carefully in the parking lot and park only in designated spaces.

The Timonium Graduate Center promotes a friendly and nurturing environment for your educational experience at Loyola University Maryland. 

Contact Information

Loyola University Maryland
Graduate Center - Timonium Campus
2034 Greenspring Drive, Timonium Md., 21093


We hope you will enjoy your time here!