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Rachel Beck, Marie R. Kerins, Ed.D.

The Effects of Sensory Integration on Attention in Children with Autism

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The present research proposal examines published literature to determine the effects of sensory integration on attention in children with autism. Children with autism often exhibit sensory processing difficulties, which could explain difficulties in attention in children with autism. Sensory integration is currently used to improve sensory modulation and organization in children with autism. While previous research has studied the overall effects of SI, the use of sensory integration and it's impact on attention remains inconclusive. Review of the present literature primarily focuses on proprioceptive and vestibular approaches due to their potential promotion of engagement and relation to attention. Exploration of the effectiveness of SI in relation to attention could aid in implementation of SI approaches in the classroom and therapy setting in order to promote more effective learning. The findings of the proposed research will have great implications for providing the most effective treatment and aid in the development of children with autism.

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