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Cathy Rosensteel, Jill L. Snodgrass, Ph.D.

Staying Centered and Spiritually Steeped: Preparing to Resonate with God and Directee

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Scripture and tradition provide rich evidence of the extensive and influential role of women spiritual directors. A spiritual director needs to be spiritually steeped, ready to receive and listen intuitively, adeptly reverberating the movement of the Spirit. Prompted by the quest for skill development, as a novice spiritual director I conducted eight interviews with seasoned women spiritual directors, vowed and unvowed, in the Mid-Atlantic region to seek insight into how to manage tasks and stay spiritually steeped, ready to enter into the triune relationship with the Spirit and the directee. Using Wesley’s Quadrilateral approach of theological reflection, findings revealed one key constant spiritual practice as well as a way of being common among the participants. Implications for spiritual directors in training are provided.

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