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Josémartin Ilao, Kelly Keane, Ed.D.

Placing Faith in Ely: Investigating Conditions for the Successful Implementation of Educational Technologies in a High School Setting

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This presentation presents quantitative data collected from capstone Masters internship that takes place in a local Catholic private school setting. Research-based practices identified by Donald P. Ely, PhD were employed to assist the implementation of an innovative technology at Calvert Hall College High School in Towson Maryland. The case study applies Ely’s 8 conditions as a checklist for the successful implementation of any innovative technology. In this case, that innovative technology was a web-based Learning Management System product called onCampus. A pre-internship assessment questionnaire was conducted to establish a baseline for faculty and staff mastery of the LMS. A second survey at the end of the internship was collected to re-evaluate mastery in order to determine professional development and technology implementation outcomes. The results illustrate a positive professional development support the Ely’s conditions for successful technology implementation. (Keywords: technology implementation, learning management system, professional development)

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