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Mario Conliffe, Teresa A. Wilkins, Ph.D.

The Impact of spirituality and religiosity on the subjective well-being of fatherless individuals.

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Fatherlessness has often been a major disadvantage to the physical, social, psychological, emotional, and economic well-being of individuals (Brotherson & White, 2007; Osmond, 2010). Research has also consistently evidenced a positive relationship between spirituality and well-being (Hill & Pargament, 2008; Koenig & Larson, 2001; Murray & Ciarrocchi, 2007; Park & Slattery, 2012; Piedmont, 2009). The researcher investigated the unique contribution of spirituality and religiosity over and above personality on the subjective well-being (SWB) of fatherless individuals (N = 145; 78 males and 67 females). Results supported the incremental validity of religiosity over and above personality in positive affect [ΔR2 = .09, partial F(1, 138) = 18.06, <.001] and satisfaction with life [ΔR2 =.06, partial F(1, 138) = 9.14, <.01]. Findings suggested that religiosity and gender may be important areas for therapists to note when working with fatherless individuals.

Keywords: spirituality, religiosity, fatherlessness

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