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William Guri, Teresa A. Wilkins, Ph.D.

A Preliminary Investigation of the Relationship between Shona Traditional Beliefs (STBs), Personality, Spirituality, and Well- Being

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Shona Traditional Beliefs (STBs) are implicated in counseling and psychotherapy with the Shona people of Zimbabwe, in their home country and elsewhere in the world. The role that STBs play in the psychological and spiritual wellbeing of the Shona people has not been extensively studied. This study attempts attempted to determine the psychotherapeutic role and value of STBs by investigating their relationship to three significant psychotherapy variables:, namely personality, spirituality, and wellbeing. Data for this study was were collected using the Qualtrics system, by inviting Shona people in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in the world through email and social media. A sample of 152 individuals (75 male and 77 female) was obtained. Statistical procedures using SPSS will include correlation, multiple regression, incremental validity and residual analyses. A Shona Traditional Beliefs Attitudes Scale (STBAS), was designed for this particular study and remains to be empirically validated by further studies. Personality will bewas measured using the IPIP-50 scale, spirituality by the ASPIRES scale, and wellbeing by the Satisfaction With Life Scale. The study seeks to establish whether or not there isexamined statistical significance and directionality in the relationships between STBs and these variables, via correlation, multiple regression, incremental validity, and residual analyses. Implications for pastoral counseling are discussed, and recommendations for further studies are made.

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