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Margaret Kay, Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Ph.D.

An Equity Audit of English Language Arts Curriculum, myView Literacy

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Baltimore County Public Schools Office of English Language Arts is inquiring into new curricula options for elementary school students. In determining the curricula they select their process includes an audit to determine if the curriculum is culturally responsive. This audit examines the authors, characters, and subjects of the media presented as well as the message of the media itself. Scholarship shows that the traditional literary canon that is present in a majority of English Language Arts curricula are not representative of all students. This is apparent through the texts as well as the tasks and objectives of the curricula. The goal of providing culturally relevant curricula supports students’ developing identities and the humanization of all people. Specifically, this audit will explore the grade 5 unit 1 curriculum from myView Literacy 2020 by Savvas Learning Company.

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