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Julia Cataneo, John Zaleski, Ph.D.

Sacrifice & Stewardship: A comparative Christian-Islamic approach to meat consumption

(Oral presentation)


This research approaches the ethical dilemma of meat consumption as informed by Christian and Islamic scriptures. The comparative analysis is enriched by exegesis from both traditions, offering insight into 21st century dietary ethics. The project considers the moral implications of vegetarianism in contrast to a meat-inclusive diet. It seeks to promote humane slaughter, communal agricultural participation, and the incorporation of intentional gratitude practices to combat developed society’s disconnect from the food that sustains it. Ultimately, the thesis concludes that, while the omnivorous diet is an unfortunate consequence of the Fall, the practice of humane slaughter plays a key role in imparting spiritual wisdom upon humankind. It likewise recognizes where Christianity and Islam diverge, the former being more easily adapted to vegetarianism than the latter.

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