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Bradley Hartman

Reflective inquiry: Race-conscious teaching in an 11th grade US history classroom

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This action research study examines the impact of Culturally Relevant teaching practices and race conscious teaching in a predominantly Black and 11th grade US History classroom. Data for this study was collected through formal interviews, informal interviews, survey data, observations, and student work samples. Results were collected over the course of one entire unit, covering the 1920’s and 1930’s in US History, and overlapping with Black History Month. Results showed that my students are aware of a lack of attention to African American history within the United States and have a hunger to learn about the ways in which individual figures were able to break down racial barriers. Additionally, results also showed a general frustration at the relegation of African American history to Black History Month and an apparent fixation on familiar Civil Rights figures by their teachers, as well as a dislike for learning about traumatic aspects of African American history such as the lingering and evolving nature of slavery within the United States.

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