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Eric Hines

Active Goal Setting and Goal Visualization to Increase Academic Achievement and Student Engagement in the Classroom

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Educators are always trying to find ways to have the students be more engaged in their academics and to have students personalize the relevant coursework to enhance learning. With the innovation of DigiBoards, students learn the skill of individualized goal setting that will guide them throughout their academic and professional lives. This will foster a more confident and motivated learning environment where students take on the identity of who they are and who they desire to become as a student, career professional, and human being (Usan, 2019). DigiBoards will creatively train students in the use of effective and confident goal setting. This will increase student engagement, student academic performance, and student motivation, enabling our students to become self-learners rather than the usual teacher-centered classroom (Saha, 2019).

The goal of this research project was to have teachers, administrators, counselors, advisors, coaches, and other professionals that individually influence a student's progress, fully experience the process of creating a digital vision board so that they can facilitate this process within their classroom or learning environment. The participants will learn new ways to implement technology to help students learn, design, create, and modify their goals. Ultimately, individuals will create their own digital vision board, obtain a roadmap to take steps towards their goals, and use the A.C.T.I.V.E. Goals Process to better accomplish their desires in their personal and professional lives.

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