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Bailey Whalen

Investigating the Connection of Positive Relationships in the Classroom and Overall Task Completion

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The purpose of this research was to focus on the effects of creating and sustaining positive relationships within the classroom between the myself and the students. The goal of this is to see whether it can effectively help in increase the number of completed tasks within one specific class of seventh grade students. This was to be done by building confidence and assurance in the fact that I would consistently be there to help complete these tasks and answer questions, and that no student would be left alone to complete each being asked of them. To prove this, there were several ways in which data was collected over the course of one marking period. The first was that a survey was given at the end of second marking period and then again at the end of the third marking period.  This survey is meant to assess the students’ level of comfort in class as well as with the material as well as collect data on how many missing assignments each student has. In addition to this, I compiled the grades of each student from marking period 2 to marking period 3 to be able to identify if there was a decrease in the overall number D’s and E’s. Through these methods, it was seen that overall, there was in fact a decrease in the number of missing assignments as well as the number of D’s and E’s.



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