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Tips and Guidelines for Presenters

Consider your audience

Your audience will consist of fellow students/alumni and faculty of various disciplines. You will likely be speaking to visitors one or two at a time, rather than a large group at a time. Plan how to informally explain your work to those outside of your discipline. How would you explain it at a cocktail party? (Which this also happens to be).

Organize your poster

You will have a large, 4’ x 4’ space. Arrange your poster to make it visually appealing for those passing by. Avoid trying to reproduce your entire work in text format. Instead, organize your topic, results, and conclusions logically. Make use of figures, charts, or other graphics as appropriate. Ensure that your lettering is legible from at least five feet away.

The Graduate School at UNC has a very informative list of templates you may be able to use for constructing your poster.

Handouts are optional

However, you are welcome to provide them. Alternatively, you might provide your e-mail to those who would be interested in corresponding with you about your work, or include a QR code on your poster.

Time commitment

Please check in to the event as a presenter before the 6:00 p.m. welcome and awards ceremony begins, even if we are printing and displaying your poster.  We will provide "painter's tape" for you to take your poster with you around 7:30 p.m.  You will have an opportunity to browse other posters and socialize during the event, too!

Have fun!

The Emerging Scholars event is a celebration of graduate student work. We’re proud to offer this opportunity for you to share your work with the Loyola community. Invite friends, family and classmates!

Questions? Contact Mark Lee, director of graduate student services, at

Quick Details

Thanks for attending!

Photos are now posted in our Photo Gallery

Digital versions of the poster presentations coming this summer