Loyola Magazine

2016 Stories

McKenzie Coan, ’18, celebrates on the podium at the medal ceremony for the women’s 50-meter freestyle.

Greyhounds go for gold in Rio

Loyola students tutors high school tutee.

Bridging the gap

lona McGuiness, Ph.D., with Chris Miller, ’15, standing together near the humanities manor.

Leaving a legacy

Patrick King on stage in wolverine costume, fighting two enemies.

Greyhound turned Wolverine

Students talking outside the Selling School of Business.
Alumni Mentor Program

Mentoring the Greyhounds

Mary Evert stretches with a yoga pose across a peer's railing.

“Become your best.”

Cynthia-Moore Koikoi in blissful shock of being elected United Methodist Bishop.

“We can agree to love together.”

Wall beneath barbed wire bears letters and old signs.

Experiencing with the heart, mind, and soul

Students hold up signs saying why they serve.

Putting mission into action

Jill Carter smiles in blue suit.

“It’s my city.”

Nancy Noppenberger, MBA ’91 standing inside a carousel.

One wild job

Photo of Patrick Diamond crossing his arms with Baltimore's skyline in the background.

Housing is health care

Charles Hands sitting in a chair holding a bundle of helium balloons.
In Remembrance

Hands down, the best

Professional portrait of Lawrence Blob,  M.D.

A crime against humanity

Natka sits among red theatre seats.
Faculty Spotlight

Cura Personalis: Natka Bianchini, Ph.D.

Picture of Kevin Hula standing by an alumni chapel wall.
Faculty Spotlight

Talking and teaching politics

Arthur Sutherland in suit and tie, seated for photo.
Faculty Spotlight

Cura Personalis: Arthur Sutherland, Ph.D.

Baltimore City bench with mural in the background.
Community Engagement

Be More. Do More. BaltiMore.

Jazmin Guzman at the Pont des Arts, Paris, France.
Mentorship and Guidance

How I chose my major

Peggy Sell smiles in professional headshot.

Making masterpieces visible

Antique photo of Bessie in professional clothing.
Alumni Spotlight

When two stories intertwine

Annapolis town hall and DeKalb statue.
Community Engagement

Advocacy in Annapolis

Charles Dorsey cuts ribbon.
Alumni Spotlight

Charles H. Dorsey, Jr., ’57, led Maryland’s Legal Aid Bureau to national prominence

Portrait of Christina and David Bergamo at their wedding.
Love at Loyola

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Greyhound

Tommy Zanowic with bottle, standing at the shore.
Beyond Loyola

Solving a mystery in a bottle

Professional photo of Terrence Sawyer.
Employee Spotlight

“Humility always wins.”

Photo of grand library interior as seen from above a staircase.
Jesuit educated

A certain vision

Silhouettes of an elderly and middle aged man, overlooking the sunset across the sea.
Jesuit Educated

Taking time to better someone’s life

Loyola Blakefield's campus, illuminated by the sun as students walk through.
Jesuit Educated

Surrounded by heroes

Statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Loyola's quad.
Jesuit Educated

What does it mean to be Jesuit educated?

Photo of William Heiser at the library.

An unexpected call

Robert Darragh and daughter Brigid.
Jesuit Educated

To be ignited

Photo of Nick Hamilton smiling.
Jesuit Educated

Driving meaningful change

Bill Heiser sits at a desk, surrounded by students.
Jesuit Educated

An opportunity to become something more

Dan and Lindsay sitting on a stone barrier with mountains behind them.
Jesuit Educated

Directing our energy and attention to God

Red sunset over a field with wind turbines on the hazy horizon.
Jesuit Educated

Such wonderful gifts

Photo of Michelle Betton at wedding.
Jesuit Educated

Grains of sand

Photo of the McGonigles smiling.

Life lessons

Memorial photo of Colleen with candle lit in front of frame.

Celebrating a beloved daughter, sister, and classmate

Greyhounds lacrosse team huddles together on the field.

Strengthening a winning team